Our expert leadership team is passionate about the neighborhood doctor-patient relationship; one where the doctor is committed to friendly patient care and is a recognized leader in the community.  By offering a compelling mix of professional flexibility, respect, support and ownership we are able to attract exceptional doctors.  With an exceptional doctor, a friendly staff, patient-centered processes and the backing of our professional support team, a Modern Dental Care office fosters an environment where the patient experience is truly paramount.

Our Team

William Mauthe III, DDS

Owner and Chief Dental Officer

Dr. Mauthe believes that a trusting dentist-patient relationship is the basis of any successful dental practice.  Patient care is at its best when your neighborhood dentist knows you and takes a genuine interest in your well-being.  As the costs of education and technology continue to increase, the dream of a dentist owning his or her practice is getting more difficult to realize.  Dr. Mauthe is committed to preserving this relationship and this dream for a new generation of patients and dentists.

A number of trends in dentistry are concerning to Dr. Mauthe:  government regulation, insurance intrusion, costly technology and the expansion of faceless “chain-store” dentistry.  Given the expenses and regulatory hurdles that exist for young dentists, Dr. Mauthe saw the need for an attractive alternative to starting a practice, traditional associateship, or corporate dentistry.  With experience in dental practice acquisitions he decided to acquire the practices of retiring dentists and offer partial ownership to the very best associates who would lead their teams in a way that preserves private-practice dentistry and the integrity of the practice.

Dr. Mauthe knows dentistry and the marketplace for dental practices .  He and the Modern Dental Care team know how hard a dentist has worked to build a practice and can offer not only an agreeable price but a transition built around the dentist’s terms.  A full-time dentist, Dr. Mauthe also mentors the doctors of Modern Dental Care to achieve clinical excellence.  A degree in business, finance and management from Indiana University followed by a dental education at Marquette University give him a unique perspective and skill set.

Louie Lange, III

President and CEO

Louie, no stranger to dentistry with a father-in-law, sister-in-law and brother-in-law all dentists, is responsible for the development of the Modern Dental Care non-clinical policy and setting the strategic direction.  Specific duties held by his office are the growth and financial well-being of Modern Dental Care, oversight of the acquisition of practices within Modern Dental Care’s target markets, the financial structure of those acquisitions and all matters related to real estate/asset management.

Louie received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management from Marquette University and his MBA from the University of Notre Dame – Mendoza College of Business.  A former officer in the United States Marine Corps, Louie is President and founder of The Commonwealth Companies, which he established in 2001.  Commonwealth’s core business includes real estate development, construction, property management and landscaping.  As President of The Commonwealth Companies, Louie has grown the firm that started in his basement to one in excess of 100 people and $30 million in annual revenue.  Louie brings a level of experience and perspective that is unmatched in the field of dentistry.

Bernard (BJ) Bolka, IV, CPA

Treasurer and COO

B.J. is responsible for operational oversight and accounting.  This includes advising on the organizations funding strategy, ensuring that funds comply with conditions set by funding bodies, planning and budgeting for new and ongoing work, advising company officers on the financial valuation of prospective projects, and setting-up systems to manage banking, bookkeeping, financial reporting and operational efficiency.

B.J. graduated from the Indiana University – Kelley School of Business with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance.  He later received his MBA from the University of Notre Dame – Mendoza College of Business.  B.J. is a CPA with vast experience in public accounting and private industry.  His education and experience in business systems and accounting provide him with the ability to confidently make decisions to ensure the success of each practice and Modern Dental Care as a whole.

Patti Mohan

Director of Practice Operations

Patti has over 30-years of experience in dentistry.  Her entry into dentistry was as a clinical assistant.  Patti was later hired as a Henry  Schein Technology Sales Representative and Certified Dentrix Trainer.  Following this vast experience, she was hired as the Operations Manager of Ancillary Services for a large medical group.

Patti brings extensive experience in comprehensively evaluating practice operations to propose and implement improvements in systems and processes.  She is skilled in helping teams utilize their strengths and technology to create efficient workflow.  Patti believes a successful practice lies in teamwork.  “When we all work together for the best patient experience, setting clear expectations along the way, the rest will come,” she said.  Patti is an advocate of education and believes the more we know, the healthier outcomes we’ll achieve.  Patti is an expert who challenges teams to quickly rise to the next level and beyond.


Jamie Dunkley

Regional Office Coordinator

As our Regional Coordinator Jamie Dunkley brings much experience to our team to support our day to day operations. Jamie has 20 years Dental experience, having started in Dentistry in High School as a file clerk. Her inquisitive personality quickly shifted her from filing clerk to chairside assisting the Dentist. Jamie has a vast knowledge of Dentrix in both clinical and administration roles.

After 15 years of chairside assisting, Jamie moved into administration roles. This included credentialing, treatment plan presentation with patients, financial discussions, and all areas of insurance processing.

Jamie has a passion to help others learn and grow into great leaders.

Jamie lives in Sussex, WI with her husband, two children and dog Zeus. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking for family and friends, paddle boarding, and hiking.  She believes in creating a life so good she doesn’t need to vacation. However, when she does her number one destination is Jamaica.