We believe that when you have ownership, you are truly invested in the success of your practice, your patients and your community. Modern Dental Care is your career destination if you’re a dentist who likes the idea of leading and owning your practice, but the thought of going-it-alone makes you uncomfortable. We understand that some dentists simply want to be the solo small-business owner dentist. Others want nothing to do with private practice and enjoy the anonymity and rigid structure of corporate dentistry. But, many dentists really see freedom and pride in leading their own practice with the backing of a proven partner behind the scenes.  It’s that last group that flourishes in a Modern Dental Care career.  Contact us now for a listing of current and anticipated opportunities!


With Modern Dental Care you do NOT commit the financial resources required to purchase your own practice. You do NOT deal with the unknowns of associate-ship under an established dentist. And you do NOT settle for chain-store dentistry. You are truly the leader of your practice, your name is on the signage and you have ownership in the practice. The Modern Dental Care team provides direction, management services and operational efficiency behind the scenes. Taking the administrative tasks off your plate gives you more time to focus on clinical care and family priorities. As a Modern Dental Care Partner, you’ll achieve professional flexibility, partial practice ownership (including quarterly dividends), and a position of prominence in the community.


As a young dentist, you need not go-it-alone in today’s world of high educational debt, costly equipment, shrinking insurance reimbursement and intimidating regulations. With Modern Dental Care, you get all the credit as the leader and owner of a great practice in your community. The staff is energized because we take measures to keep stability in personnel. And most importantly, the patient experience is strengthened through staff training and mentorship by Dr. Mauthe and the Modern Dental Care support team. A Modern Dental Care dentist is easily identified by his or her KNOWING SMILE; one that needs no explanation because you have a clever understanding of just how great being a dentist can be.