Casey Floros, DDS

Written by moderndental-ad on July 7, 2014

Modern Dental Care offers a very unique setting to grow in all aspects of dentistry. I was able to put down roots and begin to build a successful practice immediately out of dental school. I have been able to focus on dentistry and improve my practice without dealing with challenging tasks such as: taking out another big loan, hiring staff members, payroll, billing, insurance and advertising. With a great support network, it is easy to get opinions from trusted mentors on difficult treatment plans, new techniques and equipment, or simply new ways to invigorate my office and make things run more smoothly. My staff has the opportunity to attend several CE courses of my choosing; keeping everyone on the same page and up to date with the latest techniques.

After two years, we were able to merge my office with a larger practice down the street.  This provided the opportunity to work side-by-side with an experienced dentist in a busy and growing office.  Working with Modern Dental Care has provided a seamless transition from dental school into my own private practice. Thanks to MDC I have had a successful and enjoyable transition to dentistry in a low stress setting while growing my clinical offerings.  I’d recommend an MDC partnership to dentists who want to be the very best clinically, without the hassle of business administration.